Chelsea, New York

What’s your name?

"Christian. Last name Davis."

What is your job?

"I manage this cafe. I’m a professional barista. On the side I do a little bit of music and art."

Oh really? Is there anything that our readers can look for?

"If you want to look up Langston Black on Bandcamp, you can find some of my music on there. There will be some new things coming out soon. So stay posted for that."

What kind of music do you do?

"Experimental hip hop, lofi beats mixed with a little bit of photography."

Do you think your music has any relation to the way you dress?

"Probably my love for the arts has the most influence on how I dress. I would say the music I listen to is a little bit contrasting to how I look, but at the same time just the overall aesthetic and love for shoewear, love for kind of looking clean, and trying to find that boundary between clean cut and still a little rugged has been my thing lately."

Do you think your style connects to your personality?

"Definitely. I might switch it up. I might wear super grungy clothes one day, or today I guess I’m a little bit cozy—I’m feeling extra cozy today."

Can you tell me where each part of your outfit is from?

"I’m not even wearing anything too drippy today. I’m wearing literally H&M and some Zara sweatpants. And I have on some Adidas sneakers with some crystals. My accessories are MCM glasses and a 5Boro hat. It’s a local NYC brand."

I love this beaded necklace you have.

"Yeah, I try to always get my jewelry from different street fair markets. So this is just dyed glass from South Africa. These are Santa Maria beads, and this is just obsidian crystal. So it keeps me grounded."

What’s your favorite place to shop? Or your favorite designer?

"Favorite designer....let’s see. Favorite shop is hard. I used to be really, really into vintage. Before working professionally at coffee, I actually ran a vintage store. I just found the vintage market has gotten kind of dried up in New York, so I stepped back. But I still love vintage shopping. I love finding one of a kind pieces. I also love to buy things I can remix or dye or flip. I’d say my favorite brand right now is probably brands that I can’t even afford. Like the brands that inspire me the most, like Rick Owens. Or brands like Stone Island are really cool. Like good outerwear brands that just make durable clothing that’s useful. I like utility."