Secil Celik

West Village, New York

It was about time to head back home from a tough day of Jenzemi scouting. As we crossed the street, there she was. Secil. Jenna and I instantly fell in love with her avant garde pants and overall cool style. She was walking and talking with a couple of friends when Jenna and I chose to approach her. At first, Secil seemed on edge to let us interview her, but we eventually convinced her.

Jenna: What’s your name?

Secil: Secil.

Jenna: Are you a tourist?

Secil: Yes.

Jenna: Where are you headed to?

Secil: We are going to Soho right now. That’s why I’m dressed like this.

Jenna: Who is your style inspiration?

Secil: Actually, I follow some bloggers, like the Italian Chiara Ferragni. But actually I follow the

Turkish bloggers.

Jenna: Oh, are you from Turkey?

Secil: Yes.

Allegra: I was born in Turkey.

Secil: Oh!

Allegra: Istanbul.

Secil: Oh! We are from Istanbul!

Allegra: Really?

Secil: Yeah! What’s your name?

Allegra: Allegra. I’m Italian, but I was born there.

Secil: Oh, really great!

Jenna: Do you think there’s a big difference between fashion in New York versus fashion in Turkey?

Secil: Yes of course. There are lots of differences, but actually I like this style of the people here. It’s different, but I like it.

Jenna: Can you tell us where each part of your outfit is from?

Secil: I think this shirt is Stradivarius, the Inditex group. The pants are Zara, and the bag is Burberry. The glasses are Chanel.


Thank you Secil for you time, and we wish a safe journey back to Turkey!