Nancy Xu

Soho, New York

Soho was hot. So Allegra and I felt that we deserved a break and headed into Joe & the Juice for a quick refreshment. On the way out, a young lady with unique style breezed by us.

“She looks like she’s in a hurry,” I say to Allegra as we follow the girl down the street. “Maybe we should just let her go.”

Then, we saw the mini bag. It just pulled the outfit together. We couldn’t let a look like that go.


J: What’s your name?

N: Nancy.

J: What do you do?

N: I’m a student and a stylist.

J: A student…

N: At NYU.

A: I want to go to NYU.

N: Cool.

J: What occasion are you dressed for today?

N: Just walking around, doing errands, meeting some friends.

J: Who is your style inspiration?

N: Ummm, I would just say like people on the street in New York.

J: Can you tell us where each part of your outfit is from today?

N: This shirt and pants I thrifted. But the pants are from Gap. The bag is Telfar, and my shoes are Nike.

J: What’s your favorite thrift store?

N: I usually go to Goodwill, but I don’t really go to the one in the City. I’m originally from Toronto, so whenever I get to go back to Canada, I’ll do a big thrift because the stores are huge.

J: Do you see a lot of difference in fashion in Toronto versus New York City?

N: Umm, not so much, but I find people here are more like—less afraid of experimenting and are more bold.

J: What’s your favorite store?

N: That’s a really hard one. I think...I don’t know! I actually don’t really shop that much, but maybe I’ll just say any thrift store like any Goodwill.

J: Also, could you tell us where your jewelry is from because you have really nice jewelry on.

N: Yeah, so the bracelet and my necklace are my Grandma’s from China. And these earrings—I actually got them at a festival in Brooklyn. It was just a street vendor.

J: So you get a lot of things from just around.

N: Yeah, yeah.

J: That’s really cool.


Thank you Nancy for you time and we hope you enjoyed your Jenzemi experience!