Michael Gaines

Fifth Avenue, New York

         Allegra and I were standing on Fifth Ave, watching tourists head to the park and tapping our feet impatiently. Maybe it was a bad idea to try to scout people right in front of Bergdorfs. As soon as we would spot someone, they would disappear into the golden revolving doors of the luxury department store.

          It takes time to get someone to interview. You need to analyze their outfit: are they worthy or not? Then, you need partner approval. Lastly—the hardest part—you have to work up the courage to actually approach. So, needless to say, the Bergdorf shoppers were too quick for us.

          But Allegra and I stayed anyways. Maybe we would catch one person. Then, we realized that a perfect candidate had been standing in front of us the entire time: Michael Gaines.


What’s your name?

"My name is Michael Gaines."


What’s your profession?

"I’m a supervisor for—I’m going to be Roberto Cavalli’s starting next week."


What occasion are you dressed for today?

"I’m actually here in town visiting and just dressed to shop, actually."


Are you a native New Yorker?

"No, I’m from Las Vegas, Nevada."




Do you see a lot of differences in style between Las Vegas and New York?

"I do. I’m enjoying it here. Everyone has their own special, unique style and sense for street fashion, which is really cool here."


How would you describe your own style?

"You know, it changes everyday. I believe in pushing the risk, you know, going out there, stepping out, and just trying to do whatever you want. I can be dressed up one day. One day I can be in all thrift, you know. It just really depends on how I wake up in the morning."


Who would you say is your style inspiration?

"Oh wow. For me, Anna Dello Russo, Alexander Wang, Rick Owens. Right now, currently into Balenciaga, how they’re doing more of the structure and oversized looks. All of them are doing really well."


Can you tell us where each part of your outfit is from?

"My boots are Coach. My pants are from Zara. My shirt is Equipment, and my jacket is from Zara. And my bag is Givenchy."


What’s your favorite store?

"That’s a hard one. Right now, I don’t know—I think it would probably be Barneys New York."

Thank for your time Michael and good luck on your new job!