Lexus Harney

Soho, New York

We spotted Lexus from across the street. She was posing against the infamous cast-iron architecture of Soho as her friend snapped away. Even from a hundred feet away, she exuded confidence. Her poses were sassy, bold, and cheeky: a perfect fit for Jenzemi. So Allegra and I ran across the street, reaching them just as their mini photoshoot had finished.


J: What's your name?

L: Lexus

J: What’s your profession?

L: I am in school for—what’s the word?—cosmetology. We’re on break right now. I’m doing a lot with my life, but I’m in school for cosmetology right now.

J: In New York City?

L: Yes, I go to Aveda institute on Spring Street.

J: Oh, okay. What occasion are you dressed for today?

L: Well, we have to wear black all day, so I kind of broke the rules and wore a black and white shirt, so that’s pretty much it. So other than that, it’s just black.

J: Black for…

L: Everyday.

J: For what reason?

L: Just profesional—you just have to wear all black.

J: Who is your style inspiration?

L: Well, Teyana Taylor, but she doesn’t like—this is me just now. Other than that, Teyana Taylor all the way. Boy is she sleek.

J: Can you tell us where each part of your outfit is from today?

L: Well, you know these are Journeys and all that other places (referring to shoes). My pants are from H&M. This is from Zara, and my jacket is from H&M.

J: What about your jewelry?

L: This one is from Aldo and this one is from Aldo (referring to necklace), but my chain I actually bought from Pagoda or something.

J: And your glasses?

L: These are from the streets of New York City. I cannot tell you where cause then everyone is going to find them. Seriously. 

J: And your bag?

L: And this I think is H&M. It was a few years ago.

J: Do you think that your style reflects your personality?

L: Not really. I mean today, I guess it’s like cool, calm, but usually I kind of wear like the neutral colors just because I’m too reserved in a way. But when I have fun, I spread out.

J: I love your hair. I think it looks so cool. Can you tell us a little about it?

L: Thank you! What’s much to tell? I kinda was not natural ever in my life, so this was just a new change—like 2018 I got to do better. So yeah that’s pretty much it. I just was black for a while, and then I was like I’m going to go blonde.

J: What’s your favorite store?

L: My favorite store...what if I don’t even have one? Because none of them satisfy me.

J: Where do you think you shop at the most?

L: I mean I guess Zara. If you want to be technical.


Thank you Lexus for giving us the chance to interview you and get to know you. We wish you the best in cosmetology school!