Jae- Min Cho

Fifth Avenue, New York

On a hot Friday afternoon, Jenna and I decided to head uptown for some interviews on 5th Avenue. After noticing that many potential Jenzemi interviews were walking through the doors of Bergdorf Goodman, we decided to stand outside the store to scout people entering and exiting. As we were waiting, a shining object across the street caught our attention. Jenna and I took a closer look and noticed it was a beautiful silver bag that belonged to Jae-Min. We slowly approached and stopped her before she got the chance to enter Bergdorf Goodman for an afternoon of shopping.


What’s your name?

"Jae-Min Cho."

What occasion are you dressed for today?


You said you don’t live in New York anymore. Where are you from now?

"I lived here 5 years ago, and then I live in California now."


So you’re just here on vacation…


Who’s your style inspiration?

"I don’t know. Nobody I guess."

Yeah, you’re just your own person, right?


Can you tell us where each part of your outfit is from?

"I think this is a Max Mara sweater. This is Madewell (referring to dress). This is Hermes (referring to belt). My shoes are Tods, and my bag is Dior."

And your sunglasses?

"This is Celine."

What’s your favorite store?

"Probably, Saks."

What do you do?

"I have two kids at home."


Thank you Jae- Min for talking time out of your afternoon to let us interview you. We hope you enjoyed your Jenzemi experience!