Flavia Weff

Soho, New York

Jenna and I first spotted Flavia on a Tuesday morning in Soho as she walked by us and entered an Intermix with her mother and sister. Her style was impeccable and Jenna and I knew that we needed to feature her street style on Jenzemi. It was clear that we couldn’t ambush her in the store, so we lingered outside Intermix until she exited. Not letting a perfect opportunity slip by our fingers, I chased after her and tapped her on the shoulder. As she turned around I began explaining our fashion blog, but Jenna and I quickly realized that she didn’t speak English. Thankfully, her sister offered to translate for us.


Jenna: Are you a tourist in New York City?

Sister: Yes, we are from Brazil.

Jenna: Tell us about your outfit today.

Flávia: So, it’s a skirt from Zara, Vans sneakers, a basic T-shirt, and a leather jacket. And a Chanel Bag. A boy bag.

Jenna: I really like your glasses.

Sister: They’re Fendi ones.

Jenna: Nice. Who is your style inspiration?

Flávia: My sister.


Sister: No, but she’s lying. We follow a lot of bloggers from Brazil as well. That is our inspiration.


Thank you Flávia for letting us interview you, even when you were not quite sure what was going on. We hope that you had a great time in New York and wish you a safe trip back to Brazil.