Danielle E. Palodini

Soho, New York

It was just about time to leave Soho in order to get back to school for lunch. Allegra and I felt successful. Day one of Jenzemi was over with two interviews down! (We barely expected one). At the same time, we were feeling pretty tired from walking around Soho for the past couple of hours, scanning every passerby’s outfit. As we made our way down Prince street towards the subway, a pastel green suit from inside the Schutz store grabbed my attention. I stopped Allegra, and we contemplated whether or not it was appropriate to interrupt someone who is working. Eh, why not.


What’s your name?


Do you work here at the store?

“Yeah, but I am from Brazil. I’m here helping just for this week”

Is this your uniform for work?


Can you tell us a little bit about your outfit today?

“I really like this outfit. I think it’s really comfortable but also stylish. It’s really cool”

And where is your necklace from?

“I bought it in Brazil. My mom gave this to me. It has a lot of stuff”

And are these shoes from the store as well?


So who is your style inspiration?

“Hmm, hard to say. I like to mix a lot of styles, so I don’t know. It’s really hard”


What is your favorite store?

“I really like Mango and Zara


Do you think that Brazil’s style is different than New York's or is it similar?

“Yeah, it’s really different”


In what way?

“Here, I think people are not afraid to show what they like. In Brazil, sometimes they are”


Also, you have really long eyelashes! Is there a secret to them?

“No, no, just natural”