Chelsea, New York

My name is Adrian Farquharson. I’m the founder and chief creative officer to Mary Magazine. We are a print publication and creative agency based here in New York City that focuses on the cannabis industry.



It started about 3-4 years ago. Just looking at all the progress and all the legalization that was taking place across the country and just looking at who was really being portrayed when it came to the media side—whether it was either negative stereotypes or only medicinal patients. The lifestyle aspect of it all was largely missed, so we wanted to focus on the people and their relationship with cannabis. Everything from health and wellness all the way down to medicinal and recreational use.

I worked in the advertising and media industry for a long time. I was craving a coffee table magazine that catered to the cannabis industry, and there wasn’t anything that existed, so I was like, “Let me put it together myself.” And then I spoke to a lot of friends in the industry from creative agencies, like creative directors, advertising directors, all saying, “No, this is really smart and good timing.” It kind of morphed more than just being a magazine but also a smaller creative agency for brands in the industry. So, yeah, it’s become a lifestyle brand.


Everything else was glossy magazine. We wanted to make sure it was sort of a nice texture material, a denser size. Definitely note—print isn’t cheap. It is pretty expensive, so obviously the more finer material you get the more it can be expensive. But creating a beautiful platform and making sure that key people in the industry got to see it so then it would further grow. 


They saw the quality in it, what we’re aiming for. So that helped with growing the brand now, so that’s definitely a huge perk.



We definitely have our own platform where we do original content, video content, audio content. We have a bunch of events from panel discussions to music events. We do dinners around the country. We are going to start planning a summer retreat. Events are really big for us as a way to connect with the community. We are really big on being visual, whether it’s photography or video, so social media, such as Instagram, has been a huge help for us as well. Attracting people within the cannabis community who are looking for beautiful visuals versus the cliches that they’ve been seeing for such a long time.



So much has changed. Now Sephora is carrying CBD products. CBD is at your local juice shops or cafe shops. It’s all around the city now. I think it was the buzzword for Google in 2018—one of the most searched words. People are curious and tell them the health benefits and what it’s good for, you know, how it’s pulling people away from pharmaceutical drugs and giving them a healthier route that’s actually showing results. You can’t deny.


More states are coming on board to legalizing, more people are in support of it for medicinal, more states are going recreational for it as well. So it’s all about changing the perception and the story of who uses it and why. For so long, it’s been negative portrayals. If you look at why people use it and applying that science, you can’t avoid it. If a child has seizures everyday and then you give them some tinctures and it stops, it’s proof right there. It works.




Style for me is definitely all about comfort for the person. I really don’t categorize my personal style, but it’s more so what I feel comfortable for the day, you know, based on the weather or what you have planned out, things like that. Making sure you feel comfortable and happy in what you’re wearing is very key. A reflection of my style definitely is that sort of New York, urban, Brooklyn kind of style. It is definitely a reflection in Mary and most a lot of the team as well because we’re all from New York. It’s like adding that New York touch to not just the magazine but the cannabis industry is just that’s naturally happening with us. Yeah, style is all about comfortable and being who you are.


Before it was legal in ‘37, hemp was largely used as a competitive, substance to cotton. It’s stronger than cotton and it eliminates more pesticides and you can recycle it more quickly. It grows faster than cotton as well. The one thing that would have to happen, which hemp is now legalized, is if people start growing it more and it became cheaper for fashion brands or manufacturers to start using as widely as cotton would. You would definitely see a shift in the fashion industry as well.




It’s trial and tribulation. You have to find what works for you. Everyone’s immune system is different. So I can’t recommend, “Take this everyday!” You have to try what works out for you, so do it in your own moderation. Definitely do it in your own comfort and privacy if needed. And research—learn as much as you can about the plant. If you’re curious about it, you’ll do that research, you’ll get that experimentation with it. So just enjoy it. Let it be you and the plant.