Sunnies and Sangria

Chelsea, New York

I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands and art. I was off for the summer, and I had always been posting photos, and my friends would always say, “Wow that’s so cool. That’s so interesting.” So I’m like: you know what, maybe I should start a blog that focuses on the behind the scenes of the fashion industry.


I decided I wanted to do a lifestyle blog, and I wanted to do my “Things to Do” post. Then, I would do a monthly fashion post that focused on the behind the scenes.


When I went back to school, I felt like I wasn’t gaining more knowledge. I decided to drop out of the program and reapply for the direct and tractive marketing program at FIT. It’s a really small program—it’s basically a niche of marketing that focuses on social media, direct mail, TV ads, all that kind of stuff.


Now my blog is really the place where I can talk about travel, fashion and things that I’m up to in New York City. So I guess I started my blog to have a place to talk about all the things that are interesting to me and hopefully share my knowledge with everyone else.


My passion for travel definitely did not come from my childhood. I didn’t really travel a lot when I was a kid. We went to Florida, California, but no major, major trips. When I got married—I got married very young, at 19—, I lived in Israel for a year. So we took advantage because I’ve always wanted to go to Europe. For our one year anniversary, I planned an 11 day trip to Europe. We went to Rome, Venice, London, and Paris, and it was amazing. Since then we’ve been traveling a lot. I just love it.



It’s interesting because I don’t think that I have a specific style. I’ve always been influenced by different things around me. I’ve definitely developed a stronger sense of style since starting my Instagram. I’ve learned how to use things, like changing either the top or the bottom, adding a different necklace, putting my hair in a ponytail rather than wearing it down, putting on a different color lipstick.


I like accessories. I wear a lot of H&M, ASOS, that kind of stuff, but if you invest in a nice bag, you can have that bag for 10 years, and you’re good to go. So that’s why, to me, accessories are so important because even if you’re wearing something from Target or wherever, if you have something nice that looks nice as an accessory, you automatically elevate your outfit.


I like things that are more form fitted because I’m a petite person. I vsee people who wear these beautiful, flowy dresses, and I’m like that’s gorgeous, but I’m 5’1” and I’m petite. I definitely try to dress for my body type, which I think is important for anybody.



Sometimes I’ll get comments like “Oh, why are you doing this?” if let’s say it doesn’t go to their standards. But something that I’ve learned from a different blogger—she had told me, “Whenever people make comments, I just tell them ‘you do you.” And that’s something that I kind of try to live by. If somebody messages me something, I’m just like “You do you. I’m doing me. This is what I’m happy with. This is what I feel comfortable with.” And it’s just taught me to have much more self confidence.



Land: Peru (Machu Picchu & Cusco); Seville, Spain

Water: Santorini, Greece; Amalfi Coast, Italy

City: Barcelona, Spain