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Jenna and Allegra met in high school as freshmen. They soon became close friends and realized that they shared a passion for fashion. Living in a metropolis, such as New York City, they were surrounded by inspiration, people, and opportunities. Each day as they walked down the crowded streets of NYC, they would see people with amazing style. But as they passed by, Jenna and Allegra were always left with one question in their mind: Where is that outfit from?

As they travel around the world they make sure to continue posting on Jenzemi wherever they are.  Jenzemi is worldwide because fashion and culture are deeply intertwined. Jenna and Allegra find it important to notice these variations and showcase them. Soon, Jenzemi will become a platform for

people from one side of the world to begin to wear the latest trend from another country.  

They created the website Jenzemi for people like them who wanted a platform to discover cool new shops, trends of the season and learn about expression through fashion.